Experience the Driest, Cleanest & Healthiest method to clean your carpets. Our process is designed to give you the cleanest carpets possible leaving you with a healthier home environment.

We understand how carpets and fabrics wear and stain. We know there are many different types of fibers and textiles in the commercial environment.We also know that cleaning these fabrics requires state-of-the-art equipment designed to use the lowest possible amount of moisture.

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100% Safe for Kids & Pets

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Maintain your Carpets. Protect your Investments

Carpets and rugs look their best when they are properly maintained and regularly cleaned. Dirt and debris can not only reduce the life of your carpet but can pose a risk for the development of allergies and asthma. Since regular vacuuming alone cannot remove all of the dirt and debris it is generally recommended that you get carpets professionally cleaned once per year. Pets, children and high traffic areas may require that carpets and rugs be cleaned more frequently.

Bear Carpet’s carefully selected and screened, trustworthy, highly trained professional technicians provide the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning methods available for your carpets, rugs and fabrics.

Our Cleaning Process

We perform the following steps to thoroughly clean your carpet:

Step 1: Protect Home and Furnishings

  • Walk-off mats and corner guards protect entryways from tracking damage from hoses etc.

Step 2: Pre-Vacuum, Edges Too!

  • Removes Up To 79% of Dry Particles
  • Increases Cleaning Effectiveness
  • Removes Dry Soil Before It Gets Wet

STEP 3: Move Furnituret

  • Furniture is Moved On ‘Skidders’ To Prevent Damage To Furniture Or Carpet

STEP 4: Treat Stubborn Spots

  • Every Effort Will Be Made To Remove Troublesome Spots…Without Damage To Your Carpet

STEP 5: Pre-Condition Carpet

  • Allows Detergent More Time To Work
  • Like Pre-Soaking Dishes…Gets Carpet Much Cleaner than Extraction Alone

STEP 6: Extract / Clear-Water Rinse

  • Leaves No Sticky Residue/ Like Rinsing Hair
  • Rinses Soil and Detergent From Fibers

STEP 7: Clean Baseboards

  • Removes Dust Build-up
  • Nicely Finishes Room

STEP 8: Block and Tab Furniture

  • Protects Carpet From Permanent Stains
  • Protects Furniture From Watermarks
  • Speeds Drying Under Furniture

STEP 9: Re-Apply Carpet Protector

  • Six Month Spot and Spill Warranty
  • Restores Carpets’ Ability To Resist Spots and Stains
  • For Six Months, If You Are Unable To Remove A Spot, We Will Attempt To Remove It For FREE

STEP 10: Re-Set Pile and Speed Dry

  • Cuts Drying Time By One-Half
  • Returns Carpets To Service Sooner
  • Helps Restore Soft, Fluffy Nap and Appearance