Your home, like most homes today, has a variety of floor and wall coverings. Like any other surface, these areas require ongoing daily, weekly, and/or monthly maintenance in the form of vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing.

Our expert tile and grout cleaning system will clean and restore your tile and grout surfaces throughout your home.

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Your home, like most homes today, has a variety of floor and wall coverings.

Tile – and a wide range of stone – now covers more than just your bathroom floors and your tub and shower walls. Tile and stone floors have become popular surfaces in foyers, kitchens, utility rooms, family rooms, porches, and many other areas, both inside and outside of the home.

  • Kitchen – floors
  • Bathroom – floors
  • Outdoor areas – terraces, decks, patios & pool areas
  • Traffic areas – hallways, foyers, staircases
  • Sun rooms
  • We even clean Nature Stone!

A Perfected Process

Our tile and grout cleaners penetrate deeply into the porous surfaces of your tile and grout, removing soil and helping to eliminate mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants. Our sealers also help resist microbial contamination to leave your tile and grout as clean and healthy as possible.
We provide not only the best tile and grout cleaning process available, but we make sure that these services are provided by a professional – not a technician, laborer, or janitor – who has the training, knowledge, and commitment unmatched in the industry to evaluate your tile and grout, identify your needs, and then select the proper products, tools, and equipment to deliver a result that far exceeds your expectations.

Our Process

Eight steps to beautiful Tile & Grout:

Step 1: Protect Home and Furnishings

Walk-Off Mats And Corner Guards Protect Home And Entryways From Tracking/Damage From Hoses Etc.

Step 2: Carefully Move Furniture

Furniture Is Moved On ‘Skidders’ To Prevent Damage To Furniture Or Flooring

STEP 3: Pre-Treat With Detergent

Allows Detergent More Time To Work, Like Pre-Soaking Dishes…Gets Floor Surfaces Much Cleaner Than Extraction Alone.

STEP 4: Pressure Wash and Neutralize

Rinses Soil And Detergent From Difficult-To-Reach Cracks And Removes Soil Buildup Leaving Floors Fresh And Clean

STEP 5: Extract Edges

Leaves No Sticky Residue/Like Rinsing Hair, Rinses Soil and Detergent From Corners/Cracks,and nicely Finishes Room

STEP 6: Speed-Dry

Powerful Air Movers Speed The Drying Process Ensuring Your Floor Is Left Dry, Spotless, And Clean

STEP 7: Apply Sealer / Finish

Top-Quality Sealers And Impregnators Are Used To Make Certain Your Grout Repels Stains For Years To Come

STEP 8: Wipe Baseboards

Finishes Room, Removes Spots And Overspray