You don’t want cheap cut-corner service, especially when you invite a service company into your home! We’ve been serving customers in the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe area for more than 26 years. Call us for both Residential and Commercial carpet cleaning and service.

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“YOU don’t want cheap cut-corner service, especially when YOU invite a service company into Your home! I’ll use YOUR manufacturer’s recommended cleaning process so it gets done right, and I’ll charge you a fair price for excellent service. In fact, I’ll give you the best carpet cleaning service ever or it’s FREE! No pushy sales games in the home either… You choose the service, and the price, that suits your needs best.”



1. We absolutely, completely, guarantee your satisfaction with any work we do. No strings, and absolutely no gimmicks! If you’re not happy, We’ll make it right or YOUR job is FREE! It’s that easy.

2. We carefully test every carpet we clean and use the cleaning process recommended by the carpet’s manufacturer. This won’t void your carpet’s warranty and will get your carpets truly clean, soft, and fluffy.without damaging your carpet.

3. All our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide you with excellent service and make your cleaning experience a happy one.

4. We use the finest, most advanced equipment made for carpet cleaning. Our equipment allows us to safely control the heat, pressure, and detergent to gently rinse bacteria, pollen, dust mites, and soil from your carpet’s fibers, leaving them soft, clean, fresh, and fluffy.

5. We want your business for life- What we mean by this is that we want your business from now on, and although that may not sound like a benefit to you, it really is.Let us explain: Every aspect of our business has been carefully designed to provide you with the best service, and the finest experience possible. All because we want to earn your business for life. Because we HAVE to. That’s a reality of doing business these days. We’ve GOT to keep our clients coming back again and again or we’d be out of business. Here at Bear Carpet we understand that completely. So you know you’ll be treated well, because we care… You’ve got our word on it!